Echotal Bandcamp Website

My latest release is a project called 'Echotal', which was produced, engineered and mastered by Torsten Kinsella of 'God Is An Astronaut'

who also co-wrote one of the tracks. It began as an exploration to interweave the two strands of my art more fully.

This all came out of conversations we had while I was working on cover art for two of GIAA's albums. 

Jay Wilson who was part of the band on my debut album 'Bound Together' joined me for this EP with further collaborations from cellist and composer Jo Quail and producer  Ross Tones (Throwing Snow)  and Hannah Cartwright of Snow Ghosts .

Echotal's debut EP is divided between instrumentals and songs and as with my previous releases I have worked with animators and film makers to create a series of videos accompany the project.

Thanks to Stone Soup VFX, Ali Greene, Jaro Waldeck and Chariot of Black Moth. 

The 'Echotal' EP is available on Bandcamp link above and also iTunes and Spotify where 'Bound Together' - David Rooney is also available